Important notice:

Because this competition is evolving every time, the game or rules may be added or adjusted in the run-up to this. So always make sure you are aware of the current rules of the competition. If you are not sure, or if rules are unclear or incomplete, please do not hesitate to contact us to resolve this issue with us.


Intellectual property:

The CQB League and all resulting facets are the property of Delta Airsoft Events. Both the logo and all photos and other images are owned by these entities. We prohibit the use of the logo, image and sound material without written permission. The right appearance of this brand is important to us and we want to prevent this from being abused at all times. If you want to take photos or videos, you must obtain written permission from the organization in advance. In addition, the footage may not be used to manipulate or influence results or decisions by the referees.

The organization:
The organization of the DAE CQB League is in the hands of Delta Airsoft Events. In any case, they will have the decision-making power when a call needs to be made for the purpose of the game.


The CQB League:

The CQB League is set up with a low threshold, so that anyone can join at any level and any style of play. In addition, it is a straight forward concept with clear and simple rules that can be followed by everyone. Over time, the game rules will be able to be adjusted for the better of the game. So make sure you are always aware of the latest rules of the tournament.



The Safe zone consists of 3 parts during the competition:

  1. The changing room, which may only be used by participants of the tournament. The changing room is prohibited to all non-participants during the competition.
  2. The entrance & canteen, which are accessible for players and non-participants. In this area players can register at the counter. Also you can get food, beverages and supplies during the competition.
  3. The restroom and smoking area, which are accessible through the corridor next to the bar in the canteen.


Field & boundaries:

The arena has a clear separation. The entire arena is cordoned off and is not accessible to third parties. The arena may not be entered without proper eye protection. Only staff and contestants who are competing are allowed on the arena floor.


All spectators and non-playing contestants must be in the designated areas, which are:

  • The canteen
  • The second floor with eye protection
  • The restroom or smoking area
  • The dressing rooms


Field layout:

The layout of the field is the official layout of the CQB League and will be used in its current capacity until the organization decides to change the layout for the better of the game and the tournament. The field is a large maze with several corridors and rooms that you have to navigate through to score points and eliminate the opponent. The spawn points are marked on the map. So always check carefully where the spawn is located and that you are in the correct spawn and start there.



All audience members, including inactive contestants, are not allowed to speak to, give directions to or encourage, in order to prevent players and referees from being influenced or distracted. All non-competing players and spectators must stay in the designated areas which are mentioned in the “Field Boundaries” section. Also when a game starts, it is also not allowed to use the stairs in the safe zone or walk around on the second floor.


Take note giving directions, signals or interfere with the game so that a contest can get an unfair advantage or benefit from this, we are allowed to DQ the player with points deduction or disqualify the player. Depending on the severity of the offence.


Spectators are only allowed to make noise or cheer on the players when the points have been announced by the head referee after the match.


As a player, the goal is to focus on the game, so watching spectators is not allowed. If this is found, it can lead to a DQ, depending on the severity of the offense.


Goal of the game:
The game is domination based. Spawn 1 has a green color, so the lights of the player who starts there must be set to green. Spawn 2 has a red color, so the lights should be set to red.


The lamps furthest from the player or team score the most points. The lamps closest to the player or team spawn yield the fewest points. When the time of the match is up, the player's / teams lights that are on are counted and each player/ team is awarded his/her points.


At the end of the tournament, the players / teams with the most points win and are ranked first, second and third.



Each participant is placed in a group. The maximum number of participants is 32. This means that there will be 8 groups of a maximum of 4 participants. If a pool is not full, it will be canceled and the players who have registered will not be able to participate and will be placed on a reserve list, should someone in another pool drop out for whatever reason.


In each group, each participant plays against the other participants in a round robin. The 2 participants with the highest score will move on to the knockout phase at the end of the group phase.

Scoring & multipliers:

At the end of the match, the points from the lamps are added together and this becomes the total score for that match from which a winner will emerge. The scoring is as follows:

  • From Spawn 1:
    - B1 : 15 Points
    - B2    : 15 Points
    - C1     : 10 Points
    - C2     : 10 Points
    - A1     : 05 Points
    - A2    : 05 Points

  • From Spawn 2:
    - A1 : 15 Points
    - A2    : 15 Points
    - C1     : 10 Points
    - C2    : 10 Points
    - B1     : 05 Points
    - B2    : 05 Points


A player is able to obtain a multiplier in several occasions:

  • +15 Points when a player lits A1, C1 and B1 together at the end of the match
  • +15 Points when a player lits A2, C2 and B2 together at the end of the match
  • +30 Points when a player lits all lamps in his color at the end of the match

Match definition:

A match can be defined as a match where 2 players compete against each other in our CQB League. A match during this one-on-one league has a duration of 5 minutes before it ends.


Hit & Spawn:

When the player is hit by the opponent, the player must return to the designated spawn point where there is a clock. When the clock hand is in the red, the spawn may not be left. When the clock hand touches the green area, the spawn may be left and the player may start again to turn on the lights. It may happen that a player has to wait a while before he or she can leave the spawn, but it may also happen that a player arrives on time and can leave the spawn directly in the green area without waiting.


During the time the player is in spawn, the opponent has a window to try to score as many points as possible by turning on lights on his color before his opponent can leave the spawn.


When you are allowed to leave the spawn, this represents a free pass to leave the spawn. A spawn kill from the opponent does not count and is not beneficial to the flow of the game.


The spawn may be used as a walkthrough when there is no opponent waiting for his window. If there is no opponent in the spawn, the spawn may be used as a walk-through for the purpose of the game.


Before the match:

When players enter the arena, they must report to the referees at the Blackbox. From that moment on, they are no longer allowed to leave the arena, this may only be done under the supervision of a referee.


The mags are filled on site at the Blackbox by the bb's supplied by the organization of the CQB league. A chrono measurement is immediately carried out, it is checked whether the players have the right materials and the right amount and a coin toss takes place to determine which player will start in which spawn.


Joule limits:

Your gun is only allowed to shoot between 0.9j and 1.2j according to the Dutch Airsoft regulations measured with 0.3g bb’s. Any gun that shoots below 0.9j is considered as a "Cold Gun" and every gun that shoots above 1.2j will be considered as a "Hot Gun" and will not be allowed into the competition until it shoots within the designated range of 0.9j and 1.2j. So make sure you chrono your gun carefully before the match.


Weapons, Knifes, Ammunition & Limitations:

There is no limit on a weapon itself. You may use a Pistol, Gas Blowback Rifle, Speed build, Shotguns, HPA Systems, AEG Systems, CO2 Systems, Springers, etc. The only limit is on the use of Sniper Rifles, DMR Rifles, Binary Triggers, slam fires and Full Auto functions.


Only one weapon and one knife are allowed to take onto the field during a match. Weapons may not be changed during the match. After each match there is room to change weapons if necessary. When a weapon failure occurs during a match, the player is allowed to use his knife for any surprise attacks, but needs to complete the match.



When a player forfeits, he must return to the spawn and has to wait until the time limit of the match has expired.


BB and Magazine limitations:

A maximum of 50 bb's may be taken onto the field per match. This may be divided over a maximum of 2 magazines. The magazines must be mid or real cap magazines. The use of Hicap magazines and drum magazines is prohibited. Refilling the magazine is prohibited during a match. When you are out of ammunition you are allowed to switch to your knife.


Tracer Units:

Weapons must be equipped with a tracer unit so that the referees can follow the trajectories of the BBs. Only tracer bb's will be shot during the competition where 0.25g is the only weight allowed.


Knife Limitations:

Knifes must be a rubber training knife with a maximum blade length of 30 centimeters. Knifes may not be thrown. Machete’s and Katanas are prohibited.



Flashlights are only allowed when mounted on a weapon. These may not be removed or placed anywhere as an extra diversion.



Grenades are not allowed during this competition.


Bang rule & Face protection:

There is no bang rule during this competition. We therefore require all participants to wear face protection. This can include a full face mask or safety goggles with a mesh mask underneath. Only a mouthguard or a shemagh is not allowed.



When a trade kill occurs, both players must return to their designated spawn point and wait for the time slot in which they can leave from spawn again.



Shoes are mandatory and are not allowed to be taken off during the match. A shoe is defined with one complete and solid sole. Also padding is not allowed neither are chestrigs or platecarriers of any kind during the match to prevent contestants from not calling their hit.


No Shows:

When a participant is not on time or does not show up for any reason, this counts as a "no show". The participant present will be awarded 60 points for this (Full score without multiplier).



The referees, in consultation with the head referee and the organization, have the final say in the decision if a dispute arises. The only person who may appeal to the referee after a match is the player himself. This can be done up to 5 minutes after a match.



If a dispute is raised by a player, a rematch can be requested once. If the referee agrees to this in consultation with the head referee and organization, the match will have to be replayed.


Ties and equal scores:

When 2 players have the same score, a 2-minute re-match is played to see who scores the most points that match. Lamps are reset and will have to be turned on or off once more in this 2 minute time limit. Players will receive 20 bb’s in their magazine for these 2 minutes.


Penalties & DQ’s

Penalties & DQ’s can be defined by a ref, depending on the severity of the faul that has been made by a player. This includes not taking a hit, signaling from the spectators, game altering plays.



- Where not provided, the organization decides in consultation with the referee.